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Who pays for private school after a Louisiana divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2018 | Blog

After the divorce has been finalized, there likely will be a great deal of changes. Some things may need to be altered regarding your children. It is likely that custody will be divided between you and your ex-spouse, but who pays child support will depend on who is regarded as the primary caregiver and who has the highest disposable income.

When ordering child support payments, family courts seek to ensure that the children have more than just their basic needs met — they should be able to live a life that’s of a very similar standard as before their parents got divorced.

Will I need to pay for my child’s private school fees and tuition?

Seeing their parents go through a divorce can be a very difficult for children, no matter their ages. Therefore, when making decisions about child support, the courts seek to ensure that the lives of the children will remain as normal as is possible. If they already attend private school, it is very likely that the courts will do everything in their power to make sure that they continue to attend the same school.

When it comes to the financial aspects of private school, the courts will take both parents’ incomes into account. They will consider what proportion of their disposable incomes each spouse contributed during the marriage, and will decide whose responsibility paying private school tuition and fees will be.

It is likely that the courts will rule that each parent contributes a certain percentage of the private school tuition and fees, with the primary caregiver receiving the other parent’s contribution through a child support court order.

What if my children did not attend private school before the divorce?

It will be more difficult to argue that your children should attend private school after the divorce if they are not already enrolled. However, if the other parent has a very high income and it is ruled to be in the child’s best interests, it may be possible.

If you are struggling to navigate child support laws in Louisiana, it is a good idea to take the time to conduct research.