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Unrelated car accidents on same day result in fatalities

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Firm News

While most Louisiana drivers would likely agree that accident fatalities are a worst case scenario, they may be surprised to learn how often they actually occur. Car accidents are always a frightening event, regardless of whether or not they result in injuries. Unfortunately, on some occasions, loss of life becomes a reality. 

On Thursday, April 5, 2018, Interstate 20 became the scene of death and destruction, not once, but twice. Louisiana police found themselves responding to two fatal crashes in one day. Both car accidents happened in the same parish within about a mile of each other.

The first accident took place when a 36-year-old man, travelling the highway with his uncle, became aware that his car had lost a tire. He exited his vehicle and managed to locate the tire in the median. He then attempted to get both himself and the tire back to his car, which was pulled off to the shoulder. As he returned to his vehicle, he was struck by a pickup truck and died. 

The second of the fatal car accidents occurred soon after when, for unknown reasons, the driver of a pickup truck maneuvered off the road, and his vehicle overturned. He was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene. Both accidents remain under investigation. 

Fatal car accidents can occur anywhere. In this case, two very different sets of circumstances led to similar tragic results. In the wake of car accidents, especially ones involving serious injury or death of a loved one, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. Sometimes, an experienced attorney may be able to help recovering victims and loved ones move past the scary crash and focus on the road ahead. 

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