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Criminal defense: Multiple arrests re prescription drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Firm News

Louisiana is a state known for it’s beautiful landscapes, abundant nature and colorful residents. While these are definitely attributes to take pride in, the state is not immune from problems. With law enforcement across the nation cracking down on prescription drug crimes, it has become quite common to see headlines in which criminal defense is needed by the accused offenders. While certainly, crimes involving drugs are handled seriously, persons accused of such crimes are entitled to due process of the law. 

Recently, eight people were arrested by Louisiana detectives after an investigation alerted authorities to possible prescription fraud. The accused included both men and women, of various ages. Law enforcement suspected the accused were using fraudulent prescriptions to buy and sell drugs, many of them allegedly opiates. Many of the accused individuals were charged with felony crimes. 

Such crimes classify as felonies. Fortunately, in the United States, being charged with a crime is not proof of guilt. While police spend time gathering reported evidence and trying to piece together the details of the alleged crimes, the accused are given the opportunity to seek aid with their constitutional right to criminal defense. 

Many times, the details that are first reported by police and the media are not altogether accurate. While it is certainly frightening to be charged with a crime, especially a drug-related felony, it is certainly not a situation with a guaranteed conviction. In many cases, a compassionate criminal defense attorney can aid people suspected of such crimes in navigating the court system, and assure that any forthcoming judicial proceedings are fair and impartial.

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