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Car accidents may lead to criminal charges

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Firm News

Most Louisiana drivers are likely aware that following traffic laws and remaining alert can go a long way to make the roads a safer place. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely prevent car accidents, which often involve injuries or damage to vehicles. On some occasions, accidents may even cause fatalities. 

On April 2, the driver of a box truck was traveling westbound on Louisiana Interstate 10. The lane of traffic in front of him slowed down, and his vehicle struck a sedan immediately in front of him. At about 11 a.m., police opened an investigation into the crash.

The passenger in the sedan suffered serious injuries, and was transported to a hospital from the scene. For the driver of the sedan, the injuries were fatal, and he was pronounced dead at the scene by the coroner. The driver of the box truck was not injured. However, after preliminary investigation, he was charged with following too close, and negligent homicide and negligent injuring. While police do not suspect impairment was a factor, the crash remains under investigation. 

Car accidents can have lasting consequences for all involved. Injuries can lead to medical bills, lengthy recoveries and lasting physical difficulties.Vehicles and other property may be damaged beyond repair. While an accident is certainly traumatic, the days and weeks following can be equally stressful as victims, including the surviving families of deceased victims, attempt to move on and seek justice. After an accident, it can be helpful to seek the aid of an experienced personal injury attorney with regard to insurance matters and civil claims for monetary damages. 

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