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April 2018 Archives

Fatal car accidents are a tragic reality

Louisiana is a state admired by residents and visitors alike for its unique food, scenery, wildlife and culture. Traveling through such a beautiful state is an adventure in itself. Unfortunately, on some occasions, the roads used to travel through this marvelous melting pot can become the scene of death and destruction. While albeit unpleasant to consider, fatal car accidents are a grisly reality. 

Who pays for private school after a Louisiana divorce?

After the divorce has been finalized, there likely will be a great deal of changes. Some things may need to be altered regarding your children. It is likely that custody will be divided between you and your ex-spouse, but who pays child support will depend on who is regarded as the primary caregiver and who has the highest disposable income.

Criminal defense: Multiple arrests re prescription drug charges

Louisiana is a state known for it's beautiful landscapes, abundant nature and colorful residents. While these are definitely attributes to take pride in, the state is not immune from problems. With law enforcement across the nation cracking down on prescription drug crimes, it has become quite common to see headlines in which criminal defense is needed by the accused offenders. While certainly, crimes involving drugs are handled seriously, persons accused of such crimes are entitled to due process of the law. 

Unrelated car accidents on same day result in fatalities

While most Louisiana drivers would likely agree that accident fatalities are a worst case scenario, they may be surprised to learn how often they actually occur. Car accidents are always a frightening event, regardless of whether or not they result in injuries. Unfortunately, on some occasions, loss of life becomes a reality. 

Car accidents may lead to criminal charges

Most Louisiana drivers are likely aware that following traffic laws and remaining alert can go a long way to make the roads a safer place. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely prevent car accidents, which often involve injuries or damage to vehicles. On some occasions, accidents may even cause fatalities.