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Criminal defense trials possible for 2 men facing serious charges

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Firm News

Drugs and violence are an ever-present topic in modern America. One may find it difficult to peruse the daily news without coming across a criminal defense headline. While many in Louisiana may never expect to find themselves facing serious charges, such charges often come about as a result of a less-serious action, such as a traffic stop.

On March 13, 2018, police found themselves in pursuit of a vehicle allegedly driven by a man suspected of armed robbery. After stopping the vehicle, police discovered that the vehicle contained a passenger, and a subsequent search of the car led to the arrests of both men. Police supposedly recovered various drugs and firearms from the vehicle. The men were incarcerated and are currently awaiting bond.

As details of the accusations have come to light, it seems both men find themselves facing substantial legal issues. Police claim that the evidence recovered is enough to render charges related to possession and distribution of illegal substances. The alleged discovery of firearms has led to additional criminal charges. While situations like these may certainly seem frightening and overwhelming, those accused can rely on the advocacy and support of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

In situations where people find themselves on the receiving end of serious criminal charges, it is important to remember that being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean one will be convicted. On many occasions, key factors, such as search tactics and the manner in which evidence was seized, can be called into question. An accusation does not constitute guilt, and those facing these situations must be well prepared to defend themselves in a Louisiana court of law. By analyzing the circumstances to determine the best possible criminal defense strategy, an experienced attorney can increase one’s odds of obtaining the best possible outcome.

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