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Car accidents can have unexpected consequences

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | Firm News

Many Louisiana drivers may recall their experiences while learning to drive. In addition to studying traffic laws and vehicle operation, the prevention of car accidents is a key driver’s education component. Before a person I awarded a drivers license, they must pass testing both on and off the road. 

Occasionally a vehicle finds its way into the hands of an unlicensed driver. This was unfortunately the case in a recent car accident that resulted in a tragedy. For reasons that are currently unknown, a 14-year-old boy took to the road behind the wheel of a car. The incident took place on Louisiana Highway 74.

The vehicle driven by the child was traveling westbound, and somehow wound up in the lane of oncoming traffic. The car accident occurred shortly thereafter, when the teen struck a motorcycle carrying two people head on. The vehicle continued moving until it struck a utility pole. 

Both the driver and the passenger of the motorcycle were killed. Officials pronounced them dead at the scene. The boy suffered moderate injuries, and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Police do not suspect alcohol was a factor, but the crash remains under investigation.

In cases such as this, serious damage loss of life, and mysterious circumstances can complicate the aftermath of a car accident. Many people may not be aware of how to properly proceed in the wake of such a tragedy. An experienced attorney may be able to assist those involved and navigate both the legal and personal situations that often follow serious car accidents. In circumstances where the party deemed culpable is a minor with no drivers license, a lawyer can also help determine the possibility of uninsured insurance coverage through a victim’s car or homeowners insurance policies. It may also be important to investigate the circumstances under which the minor came to be driving the vehicle involved in the crash.

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