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March 2018 Archives

Car accidents can have unexpected consequences

Many Louisiana drivers may recall their experiences while learning to drive. In addition to studying traffic laws and vehicle operation, the prevention of car accidents is a key driver's education component. Before a person I awarded a drivers license, they must pass testing both on and off the road. 

Criminal defense trials possible for 2 men facing serious charges

Drugs and violence are an ever-present topic in modern America. One may find it difficult to peruse the daily news without coming across a criminal defense headline. While many in Louisiana may never expect to find themselves facing serious charges, such charges often come about as a result of a less-serious action, such as a traffic stop.

Car accidents: Woman killed in two-car crash

Accidents can occur at any time of the day or night. Under most circumstances, those involved in car accidents would exchange insurance information and be on their way. Recently, one family has been left devastated after a horrific car crash claimed the life of their loved one on a busy two-lane highway in Marrero, Louisiana.

Personal Injury: Pharmaceuticals sued over a baby born addicted

A mother has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of her child and others who are born addicted to opioids. The suit filed in Louisiana names several pharmaceutical companies and distributors, and the plaintiff is asking for monetary damages to cover long-term treatment. The mother claims she became addicted to opioids while being treated for a personal injury sustained in a car accident.