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Personal injury: Cruise turns into a medical mess

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2018 | Firm News

Cruise ships are synonymous with everything fun. The last place you expect to spend a week aboard a beautiful cruise ship is sitting in a cabin in excruciating pain. That happened on a cruise ship out of Louisiana. A new husband suffered a serious personal injury while paddle boarding that quickly turned into a medical mess.

The couple had purchased additional medical insurance for the cruise and decided the safest route would be to return to the ship for treatment after the paddle boarding incident. The ships doctor X-rayed the injury and claimed that it was superficial. They stitched up the wound, gave the patient an antibiotic used to treat intestinal bacterial infections, and told the man to use an over-the-counter pain reliever. The husband spent the next four days of the cruise in his cabin in agony.

The American College of Emergency Physicians and the Cruise Lines International Association have guidelines but no requirements for staff and medical facilities aboard cruise ships. The couple has been unsuccessful in getting any information from the cruise line regarding its medical staff. They claim no one knew how to process the additional medical insurance they had purchased, and they were required to pay $2000 upfront for treatment. 

It is a horrific way to begin a marriage. Pain, infections and emergency surgeries to avoid amputation can all be the results of a medical doctor’s negligence. In Louisiana, it may be in one’s best interest to consult with an incisive personal injury attorney who can investigate the incident and build a solid case for a monetary settlement. 

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