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Car accidents: Tragedy strickes after Louisiana head-on collision

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | Firm News

Campaigns are all around to educate and inform drivers of the dangers of distracted driving. Individuals who have lost loved ones or have personally been involved in car accidents as a result of a momentary distraction know all too well the physical and emotional pain that can follow in the aftermath. Sadly, a current investigation is pending to discover the events proceeding a recent tragic accident on a Louisiana roadway. 

Two vehicles were traveling in a 35 mph zone in opposite directions when the accident occurred. The details of the events proceeding the collision are still unknown pending the investigation. It is known that at some point one of the vehicles crossed the center lane into the opposing direction of traffic, resulting in the head-on collision.

The sedan involved had three occupants, including the driver. The driver and one of the passengers did not survive their injuries, but the other passenger was transferred for medical care by life flight and is considered to be in critical condition. The driver of the pickup truck involved also suffered serious injuries. Reportedly, the truck flipped over off the road into a ditch and caught on fire. The driver was able to escape through the windshield on his truck.

After reviewing the available evidence and the pending toxicology tests of both drivers, accident investigators will be able to understand the events of the accident. Unfortunately, everyone involved will be impacted either by expensive medical treatment or unexpected burial expenses. Victims or family members of deceased victims in complicated car accidents such as this one often find the assistance of a personal injury attorney helpful when processing insurance claims and/or a lawsuit in civil court against presumed negligent parties.

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