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February 2018 Archives

Impaired driving often leads to car accidents

A mother and her two young sons are recovering today in an area hospital after their vehicle was hit head-on. Authorities said that an impaired driver died after he crossed the center line and crashed into the family's vehicle at 7:15 a.m on Feb. 20. In Louisiana, car accidents involving impaired drivers can happen at any time of the day, even during the morning commute.

Personal injury: Cruise turns into a medical mess

Cruise ships are synonymous with everything fun. The last place you expect to spend a week aboard a beautiful cruise ship is sitting in a cabin in excruciating pain. That happened on a cruise ship out of Louisiana. A new husband suffered a serious personal injury while paddle boarding that quickly turned into a medical mess.

Personal injury: Walker seriously injured in low-speed accident

No one expects to become an accident victim while walking in a well-lit designated crosswalk. An employee of St. Tammany Parish Hospital in Louisiana was seriously injured after being struck by a pickup truck recently. Police caution pedestrians that even at low speeds, serious personal injury can occur from impact with a vehicle.

Car accidents: Tragic Louisiana crash leaves 2 teenagers dead

Tragedy occurs too often on Louisiana roadways. It's no secret that many car accidents are the result of irresponsible driving. Sadly, two families recently lost teenagers after a fatal head-on collision occurred between a sedan and a pickup truck.

Car accidents: Tragedy strickes after Louisiana head-on collision

Campaigns are all around to educate and inform drivers of the dangers of distracted driving. Individuals who have lost loved ones or have personally been involved in car accidents as a result of a momentary distraction know all too well the physical and emotional pain that can follow in the aftermath. Sadly, a current investigation is pending to discover the events proceeding a recent tragic accident on a Louisiana roadway.