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January 2018 Archives

Criminal defense: Man charged with kidnapping four children

Crimes involving children are not taken lightly by the public, law enforcement or the judicial system. When a defendant is convicted of a crime involving children, prosecutors may be likely to request the maximum punishment for all charges against a defendant.  Louisiana residents may be interested to learn about a man who is likely securing a criminal defense attorney after being arrested for kidnapping.

Car accidents: did distracted driving result in a fatality?

Louisiana authorities are pleading with drivers to avoid all methods of distracted driving. Authorities are witnessing many car accidents that are a result of cell phone use and looking away from the road for anything as simple as talking to a passenger. One recent tragic accident has authorities again pleading to maintain safety on the roads. A recent three-car collision resulted in three drivers suffering injuries and the death of one passenger.

Some pet owners may need criminal defense attorneys

Louisiana pet owners may not be aware that some instances of leaving a pet outside can result in felony charges of animal cruelty. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is campaigning to warn pet owners that it is the law to protect their pets from the extreme cold. If pet owners abide by the law, they likely could avoid the need for a criminal defense attorney.

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s divorce may be headed to family law court

What starts out as a loving, caring and supportive relationship can end in a contentious battle. While many Louisiana couples will likely follow the advice of family law attorneys to reach a quick and amicable end to a divorce, some will be painfully extended by ongoing arguments between a couple. One couple in another state has not yet reached a divorce agreement and may have to go to trial to end their marriage.