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Remember these tips for driving in congested traffic

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Blog

For the past few years, the traffic in Lafayette has gotten more and more congested. Driving on major thoroughfares like Ambassador Caffery or Johnston Street can take a lot of patience, especially during rush hour.

There are a few things that it can be important to remember when you are driving in heavy traffic. Such tips may be able to help you to remain safe. Of course, you need other drivers to reciprocate the favor if you are going to remain totally safe and avoid a car crash.

Plan ahead

If you’ve lived in Lafayette for longer than a few weeks, you probably know what the normal rush hours are like. Instead of leaving at the last minute and hoping that things keep moving along without any issues, leave yourself enough time to get to where you need to be. It is better to get to your destination early than having to rush and drive unsafely to get there on time. When possible, you can plan your route around the roads that are likely to be busy.

Use your manners

There isn’t any reason to be rude on the road. When all drivers take the time to be nice while they are driving, trips can go much easier. One important way you can do this is to follow traffic rules. Use your turn signals and don’t weave in and out of lanes. Try not to tailgate and avoid using obnoxious gestures. Lafayette Parish is known for hospitality, so make sure you transfer this to your fellow drivers.

Stay focused

You need to give your full attention to driving even in the best of circumstances, but when traffic is heavy, you can’t afford even one second of distraction. Avoid using your cellphone to make calls, text or check social media. Avoid eating, putting on make-up or fiddling with the entertainment systems in the vehicle.

Another safety step a driver can take is being sure to be fully sober when behind the wheel. Even small amounts of alcohol might impact one’s ability to drive in a safe manner in congested traffic.

There will be accidents that occur in this type of traffic. When you are in one, make sure that you get medical care if necessary. You may also want look into your legal options. Skilled traffic accident attorneys can help victims of rush hour accidents and other car crashes understand what compensation-seeking actions they may be able to pursue.