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Criminal defense: 2 women arrested for fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Firm News

Although financial crimes have likely been around as long as currency has existed, the number of incidents may seem more frequent. Some may argue that the availability and accessibility of information and technology may increase those types of crimes. Two women were arrested for two separate similar crimes and will likely be relying upon the advice of Louisiana criminal defense attorneys throughout their cases.

One of the women may face harsher punishment if she is convicted of her charges. The 44-year-old apparently has a previous criminal record involving automobile insurance fraud, and convictions of similar previous crimes will likely not be favored by the court system. Currently, she has been arrested for a new insurance fraud case. She has been accused of using a former boss’s information to file fraudulent insurance claims in the amount of $1,829.

A different 31-year-old woman was also arrested for fraud. Allegedly, she purchased $1,270 in merchandise with a family member’s credit card without permission. She has also been accused of pawning some of the merchandise purchased with the unauthorized credit card.

As a criminal defense lawyer in Louisiana can explain, the accusation or arrest of a crime, does not always mean a conviction will result. A lawyer can examine the details and collected evidence of a case and build a defense strategy with a defendant. A savvy lawyer will be able to advise the best approach in each case and will negotiate with the prosecution to further understand a defense strategy for the best possible outcome. In some circumstances where the evidence appears particularly strong, it may be advised to pursue a plea agreement in order to negotiate lesser terms of punishment.

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