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Car accidents: Unborn child killed with parents in collision

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2017 | Firm News

One Louisiana family has had to unexpectantly bury three loved ones. Sadly, they never had the chance to meet one of the family members because he or she had not been born. The couple and their unborn child were victims of one of the latest tragic and fatal car accidents in the area.

For unknown reasons, a man driving a pickup truck drove out of his lane into the opposite lane of traffic as he was traveling on a flyover bridge on a Louisiana highway. The driving error resulted in a head-on collision with a sedan containing the couple. The woman was seven months pregnant.

While the couple was taken to a hospital for treatment, the driver of the truck was detained for testing of drugs and alcohol. As part of an accident investigation involving a fatality or serious injuries, a driver’s blood is usually tested for impairment. The pickup driver’s test results are pending. The couple did not survive and neither did their unborn child. The pickup driver has been recently arrested for his involvement in the collision with charges including third-degree fetal homicide.

It is understandably difficult for any family to cope with the loss of one family member. When multiple lives are lost in a tragic accident, such as this one, the fallout is simply unimaginable. Families with unexpected loss have to manage paying for medical expenses and funeral expenses while grieving. Many families find it comforting to speak to an attorney in Louisiana to understand their options for legal recourse. Due to the circumstances of some car accidents, families may be advised to file a lawsuit in civil court against all parties deemed negligent.

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