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Family law: Domestic abuse arrest reveals scandlous divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Firm News

When some marriages come to an end, spouses may find it comforting to know that attorneys in Louisiana must keep many details about the dissolution of a marriage to themselves. Some marriages are unfortunately filled with scandal and unsavory accusations. A woman’s arrest in another state has revealed one couple’s ugly separation and the beginning of their divorce process in the family law court system.

The 39-year-old wife was recently arrested for domestic violence against her husband. Allegedly, a fight over bank accounts, her husband withholding her cell phone and an accusation of him taking $110,000 led to her biting her husband. The fight, unfortunately, occurred in front of the couple’s two children, who are both under the age of 12. A judge ordered the wife to refrain from contacting her husband and her children until further notice.

The arrest revealed more stories of the couple’s marital and legal troubles. A former business partner has accused the wife of fraud with respect to the company’s bank accounts and the partnership. A lawsuit between the two was settled for an undisclosed amount. In addition, the partner accused the husband of using an office assistant as a spy and to have some sort of affair. The wife also accused her husband of shady business dealings, hiding income and preventing her from earning her own income.

Most Louisiana couples will likely attest that no separation is pleasant. Fortunately, the use of a savvy family law attorney can assist with the process and help ease the process of splitting assets and property. In complicated divorces, such as this one, many spouses find it comforting to have an attorney advocating on their behalf and on the behalf of any children involved.

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