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Family law lawyers assisting couple decide fate of luxury condo

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Firm News

The connection, love and commitment that a couple feels early in a relationship is often forgotten and disregarded when a marriage falls apart. Most Louisiana couples cannot simply walk away from their spouse due to assets, property and income that intertwined over the years. One wealthy couple in another state are using lawyers with experience in family law as they navigate a bitter and complicated divorce.

The couple acquired not only a billion dollar fortune over the years but have also added to their marriage fine art and a luxurious apartment. The husband of the couple is 80 years old, and his soon-to-be ex-wife is 79 years old. Reportedly, her husband already is living with a new French mistress.

Due to the couple’s large fortune, the couple had a hearing recently just to decide the fate of their 14,000 square foot condo. Reportedly, the condo contains more than 50 windows offering panoramic views of New York scenery. It appeared at the hearing as if the wife would maintain the condo, but there was dispute over the value of the condo. The wife has the condo appraised at half the value of the husband’s value estimated $107 million appraisal. He is accusing his wife of depreciating her appraisal in order to acquire more of his fortune.

While most couples do not have as much fortune to split and divide, the process can still be painful. Not only is there pain with a divorce, but couples must also navigate how to survive without the other’s support and half of their assets. Spouses in Louisiana and elsewhere often find it beneficial to have a family law attorney to advocate on their behalf as they proceed through the sad end of a marriage. 

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