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Car accidents: Louisiana wife and mother killed in collision

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Firm News

There is never a convenient time for things to go wrong in life. Car accidents are often a major inconvenience for anyone involved, and vehicle owners lose valuable time handling insurance claims, property repair, loss of transportation and medical treatment. Unfortunately, some collisions result in more than just an inconvenience for some families. Unexpected grief and unplanned funerals may consume the lives of some families. One Louisiana family is raising support for the unexpected death of their mother and wife following a tragic accident.

A 61-year-old truck driver was driving on Louisiana highway when he decided to stop and back the truck into a side street. Apparently the truck was empty at the time of the collision, but normally hauled logs. As he was backing up, he apparently crossed over the center line of the highway into the other lane of traffic.  

Authorities believe it was at the moment he crossed over into the other lane of traffic that the collision occurred. The 33-year-old victim crashed into the truck while driving her significantly smaller vehicle. Her injuries were severe and she did not survive to be transported for medical care. Reportedly, the truck driver did not suffer any injuries.

The victim is survived by two children and a husband. In addition to the devastating loss of their mother and wife, they now must finance an unexpected funeral. The victim did not have life insurance, and her husband is currently unemployed. Louisiana residents who are involved in similar car accidents could benefit from speaking to a personal injury attorney. Attorneys can review the collected evidence of the case, procedures truckers should follow when backing up and other trucking company policies, and when negligence is evident, families typically have the option to pursue claims for monetary damages in civil court.

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