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October 2017 Archives

Car accidents: Man jailed after fatal collision

It has been said that traveling in an airplane can be safer than traveling by a motor vehicle. Truth be told, most people travel more often by a vehicle than a plane, increasing the risk of a car accident. When serious car accidents occur, life-altering injuries and/or death are possibilities. One Louisiana man was recently sentenced to jail following his involvement in a tragic collision.

In a divorce, organization makes a difference

In general, divorce is hard. It takes a toll emotionally, financially and sometimes even physically. Through the constant ups and downs of ending a marriage, it is easy to lose focus and let your emotions make decisions for you. Unfortunately, when this happens, you risk coming out the other side in a less than optimal position. For example, you might be so focused on not letting your husband get your home in Lafayette that you give up other assets that could have kept you financially secure.

Car accidents: Louisiana wife and mother killed in collision

There is never a convenient time for things to go wrong in life. Car accidents are often a major inconvenience for anyone involved, and vehicle owners lose valuable time handling insurance claims, property repair, loss of transportation and medical treatment. Unfortunately, some collisions result in more than just an inconvenience for some families. Unexpected grief and unplanned funerals may consume the lives of some families. One Louisiana family is raising support for the unexpected death of their mother and wife following a tragic accident.

Criminal defense: 10 students arrested and charged for hazing

The occurrence and practice of hazing on college campuses has been a topic of discussion for many years. Despite education and warnings to avoid hazing for the safety of all students, it still occurs. Recently, 10 young men were arrested and charged after a fellow student died of alcohol poisoning following an alleged hazing event at a Louisiana State University fraternity. They are likely being advised by criminal defense lawyers as they assess their charges, and the potential consequences that could follow.

Family law lawyers assisting couple decide fate of luxury condo

The connection, love and commitment that a couple feels early in a relationship is often forgotten and disregarded when a marriage falls apart. Most Louisiana couples cannot simply walk away from their spouse due to assets, property and income that intertwined over the years. One wealthy couple in another state are using lawyers with experience in family law as they navigate a bitter and complicated divorce.