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Lousiana car accidents: Police chase ends in tragic death

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Firm News

Police chases make for an exciting scene in a movie or on news footage. When one occurs in real life, serious and tragic car accidents can occur. Recently, an unsuspecting young man was killed by a seemingly reckless driver who was being pursued by police in Louisiana.

Reportedly, a narcotics division of the police department met the accused driver during an investigation. The interaction quickly escalated and allegedly became violent. Police report that the 30-year-old man attacked two of them and even attempted to run one of them over with his vehicle. He fled the scene in his vehicle, and police followed after him.

As the chase continued, an unsuspecting 23-year-old man was attempting a left turn when the suspect crashed into him. The driver suffered fatal injuries despite attempted medical intervention. The suspect also suffered injuries, but his condition is unknown. The investigation is pending, but multiple criminal charges are anticipated to be filed against the man. Apparently, he has history of drugs and violence.

Car accidents that involve a police chase and a fleeing suspect can confuse families as to which party or parties may be responsible for the events leading to an accident. Attorneys in Louisiana can examine all the evidence related to the accident and can advise families accordingly. Not only can attorneys provide guidance and information on how to best proceed with insurance claims or to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court, but they can also serve as an advocate throughout any resulting legal proceedings.

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