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Criminal defense: Man and woman charged with theft and kidnapping

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2017 | Firm News

Our country’s criminal justice system was designed to offer defendants as fair of a process as possible. Anyone who is criminally charged is guaranteed the right to legal counsel. Most defendants do choose to have an attorney to advise them on how to approach their legal situation. One Louisiana couple is likely listening to criminal defense attorneys after being arrested and charged with theft and kidnapping.

Authorities believe that the 34-year-old man and the 30-year-old female stole a vehicle, which then stopped working. Police say that after leaving the car where it broke down, the couple spotted a running vehicle parked at a convenience store. Maybe they assumed the vehicle was empty, and that it was their lucky day. They are accused of stealing the vehicle and driving it away from the convenience store with an 18-month-old child in the back seat.

Law enforcement was alerted to the alleged theft by the frantic mother who apparently watched the man and woman drive off with her child in her vehicle. Fortunately, the man and woman dropped the child off three blocks away, and the mother was quickly reunited with her child. By using the mother’s cell phone that remained in the vehicle, authorities say they tracked the couple as they proceeded toward the state border. They were apprehended while purchasing gasoline. Allegedly, they confessed to their crimes of theft and kidnapping. 

No matter the charges, criminal defense attorneys can advise clients of the best available defense strategy. Even in cases when a conviction seems unavoidable, an attorney can be invaluable. Louisiana criminal defense attorneys are familiar with the laws, court system, prosecutors and judges. They typically examine the evidence in the case and prepare a defense focused on achieving the best possible result for the client. 

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