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Criminal defense: drug trafficking case in Baton Rouge

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Firm News

Being convicted of drug charges in Louisiana can result in serious consequences. Someone may be required to pay fines or be sentenced to significant time in jail. If facing charges, it would be wise to develop a strong criminal defense. Four Louisiana men were recently convicted for drug offenses after an operation by various law enforcement agencies.

The country’s Drug Enforcement Agency and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division worked with several state organizations. The Louisiana State Police, some county sheriffs’ offices and the Baton Rouge Police Department participated in the investigation. Their efforts revolved around the monetary transactions associated with alleged drug trafficking.

Evidently, in the investigation, it was determined that heroin was disguised as the prescription drug, oxycodone. Large amounts were supposedly distributed in the Middle District of Louisiana. Agents stress that efforts will continue to be made to improve the safety of the area.

A 32-year-old man, two 34-year-old men and a 28-year-old faced a variety of charges, including conspiring to distribute heroin and distributing heroin. Other charges included money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Each man was sentenced to various periods of imprisonment and forfeitures of funds.

Being charged with drug crimes does not always mean that someone will be convicted. That is why it is critical for someone facing charges to mount a strong criminal defense. A Louisiana attorney will thoroughly evaluate the case against someone, analyze the evidence, then present the strongest defense possible. An experienced lawyer will also ensure that a client’s rights are protected throughout the process. A respected legal team will work diligently to minimize any adverse effects on someone’s life.

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