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Car accidents: Car crashes into school bus, injurying students

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | Firm News

Louisiana school buses are designed with their bright colors, lights and stop signs to stand out on the road and to warn other drivers to be careful. With children on board and moving near and around a stopped bus, it can be a dangerous situation if motorists do not pay attention. Car accidents involving students are upsetting for all involved due to the amount of harm that can occur. Recently, a motorist crashed into a school bus, injuring its occupants and six of the students on the bus.

The bus was making its rounds prior to school and had loaded over 30 students when the accident occurred. It is unknown why the car crashed into the bus, and fault has not yet been determined. Somehow, the crash resulted in the car becoming wedged under the bus.

The driver of the sedan and its passenger suffered serious injuries. Paramedics requested a Life Flight, but the early morning weather prohibited one from landing. Six students on board the bus were also injured, but they are reportedly in stable condition. Fortunately, the bus driver had many years of experience and handled the emergency well. Reportedly, she smelled gas following the crash, and with the help of a parent, she evacuated the students from the bus.

Any accident can complicate life, but some car accidents are more complicated than others. Any time another vehicle is involved, such as a school bus, the insurance claims process can be complicated. In addition, the number of victims may increase due to a bus’s volume capacity. Victims may feel it beneficial to have a lawyer advocate for them throughout the process. Experienced lawyers can advise clients of their right to file a personal injury lawsuit in a Louisiana civil court if deemed necessary.

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