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September 2017 Archives

Car accidents: Car crashes into school bus, injurying students

Louisiana school buses are designed with their bright colors, lights and stop signs to stand out on the road and to warn other drivers to be careful. With children on board and moving near and around a stopped bus, it can be a dangerous situation if motorists do not pay attention. Car accidents involving students are upsetting for all involved due to the amount of harm that can occur. Recently, a motorist crashed into a school bus, injuring its occupants and six of the students on the bus.

4 safety tips for new drivers

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be both exhilarating and frightening. It is likely that you are more frightened than exhilarated at the prospect of your teenager driving off on his own. You are intimitely familiar with the dangers that exist on the roads of Lafayette.

Criminal defense: drug trafficking case in Baton Rouge

Being convicted of drug charges in Louisiana can result in serious consequences. Someone may be required to pay fines or be sentenced to significant time in jail. If facing charges, it would be wise to develop a strong criminal defense. Four Louisiana men were recently convicted for drug offenses after an operation by various law enforcement agencies.

Criminal defense: Man and woman charged with theft and kidnapping

Our country's criminal justice system was designed to offer defendants as fair of a process as possible. Anyone who is criminally charged is guaranteed the right to legal counsel. Most defendants do choose to have an attorney to advise them on how to approach their legal situation. One Louisiana couple is likely listening to criminal defense attorneys after being arrested and charged with theft and kidnapping.

Lousiana car accidents: Police chase ends in tragic death

Police chases make for an exciting scene in a movie or on news footage. When one occurs in real life, serious and tragic car accidents can occur. Recently, an unsuspecting young man was killed by a seemingly reckless driver who was being pursued by police in Louisiana.