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Lousiana car accidents: Tire through windshield kills mother

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2017 | Firm News

Responsible motor vehicle owners take many precautions to remain safe while traveling on Louisiana roadways. Despite regular car maintenance, vehicle safety features, proper restraint use and adherence to traffic laws, unfortunate tragic car accidents still occur. Recently, a family of five lost their mother after an unusual accident on the interstate.

The family was traveling eastbound late at night just inside the Louisiana state border when the accident occurred. Somehow, a tire and its metal wheel parts dislodged from a tractor-trailer traveling in the opposite direction. The wheel traveled across the interstate, crashing into the windshield of the family’s vehicle and striking the 38-year-old mother.

Sadly, the mother suffered serious injuries and did not survive to be transported to a medical facility. Her four children and husband all suffered injuries as well, but were treated at the scene of the accident. They are all considered to be in stable condition. The whereabouts of the tractor-trailer is unknown, but authorities are reviewing video footage and alerting neighboring states for assistance to locate it.

Tragic fatal car accidents are unexpected and are understandably difficult to handle the aftermath that follows. Managing car insurance claims, expensive medical bills and funeral expenses while grieving a loved one can be overwhelming. Personal injury attorneys in Louisiana can offer assistance and advice on how to handle a complicated crash, and they can explain to victims what legal options are available. In some cases where a negligent party’s actions may have caused the accident, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed in civil court.

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