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Lousiana car accidents: Financial stress a common result

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Firm News

Learning a loved one has been critically injured is emotional, alters life plans and often involves multiple unexpected decisions. With so much to process in the aftermath of car accidents involving serious injuries, loved ones may feel overwhelmed. Some families find it beneficial to have an attorney advocate on their behalf regarding the financial issues that accompany a serious accident. One family in Louisiana is likely dealing with these problems after their loved one was critically injured by a wrong-way driver.

On a recent weekend, an unknown driver proceeded along a busy expressway in the wrong direction. Reportedly, the driver was operating a sedan and was traveling westbound in eastbound lanes. The vehicle then crashed directly into an oncoming SUV.

Reportedly, the sedan driver died before he could be treated or transferred to a medical facility, and authorities did  not initially identify the deceased driver to the public. The SUV driver was transferred for medical treatment and is in critical condition. The accident investigation is still pending, and toxicology tests were performed to provide more information for investigators. The expressway remained closed for two hours as the accident was investigated and cleared.

The financial stress that victims of car accidents experience, along with their families, is typically significant. Medical expenses and vehicle repairs add up quickly and are expensive. Learning that the presumed negligent party is deceased may leave a family or injured party unsure about how to proceed with insurance claims or legal action in civil court. Lawyers in Louisiana can inform victims of the necessary steps to file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court against a deceased person’s estate and any other party that may bear responsibility.

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