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August 2017 Archives

Family law: Husband arrested after failed kidnap of wife

Marriages begin with a promise and a hope of being forever in love. Unfortunately, not all marriages last as expected, and some end more amicably than others. One Louisiana couple's separation and divorce almost reads like a Hollywood story involving hit men, kidnapping, guns and spying on each other. Family law attorneys can aid couples as they proceed through the end of a marriage and attempt to prevent similar drama.

Understanding Louisiana community property laws during divorce

Going through a divorce is a frustrating and often unpredictable process. You don't know what your spouse will ask for or what the courts will decide. You may feel like you have no control over your own finances and future. You may worry about the impact on your children or even on your retirement. The good news is that the outcome is at least somewhat predictable if you understand Louisiana laws about divorces.

Lousiana car accidents: Financial stress a common result

Learning a loved one has been critically injured is emotional, alters life plans and often involves multiple unexpected decisions. With so much to process in the aftermath of car accidents involving serious injuries, loved ones may feel overwhelmed. Some families find it beneficial to have an attorney advocate on their behalf regarding the financial issues that accompany a serious accident. One family in Louisiana is likely dealing with these problems after their loved one was critically injured by a wrong-way driver.

What can lead to drug paraphernalia charges?

Having possession or selling drugs that are not prescribed such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin, is illegal in most states. But what is not so apparent to many is that it is actually possible to be prosecuted for drug charges even if drugs were not found in your possession. If you are found to be possessing items that are related to illegal drugs, you may be facing with drug paraphernalia charges.

Lousiana car accidents: Tire through windshield kills mother

Responsible motor vehicle owners take many precautions to remain safe while traveling on Louisiana roadways. Despite regular car maintenance, vehicle safety features, proper restraint use and adherence to traffic laws, unfortunate tragic car accidents still occur. Recently, a family of five lost their mother after an unusual accident on the interstate.

Personal injury attorneys can advise cases of medical malpractice

Louisiana medical facilities have many required policies in place to prevent bed sores, skin breakdown and patient falls. Unfortunately, polices are only effective when enforced and implemented by medical staff. When staff fail to adhere to policy, patient harm may occur. A family in another state lost a loved one after a fatal fall, and the family is likely using a personal injury attorney to advise them in their medical malpractice lawsuit against the facility.

Did you suffer a traumatic brain injury in your car crash?

There are a number of ways that people could sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The most common cause of TBIs is falling, followed by participation in sports. Many people end up striking their heads or having something hit them in the head during a car accident. That's why the Center for Disease Control lists motor vehicle accidents as the third leading cause of TBIs in the United States.