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Family law attorneys can help prevent complicated divorces

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Firm News

Divorce can be painful, messy and complicated. The more a couple shares, the more complex a separation may be. Choosing a family law attorney in Louisiana can help guide an individual through the divorce by advising the client on actions to make it as smooth a process as possible. Recent speculation has been made that the bitter divorce involving the couple that began the fact checking website Snopes may be impacting the financial stability of the company.

The couple began the website in 2003 and each equally owned it and were the only two board members at the time. The website grew in popularity over the years with reports that even Facebook uses it to verify the credibility of stories posted on its social media website. The couple began their divorce proceedings in 2015, and the wife decided to sell her company shares to another technology company, and left her seat on the board vacant.

Apparently the tech company that bought the wife’s shares continued to control and handle advertisements for the website. Recently, the husband requested supporters of the site to donate money to help keep the website financially stable through a fundraiser website. He raised $530,000, exceeding his initial goal. He claims that the company that now owns his wife’s shares has withheld funds from advertisers that could be used to keep the company stable, and the company claims the husband has irresponsibly spent company funds since his divorce began, which has negatively impacted the company and its shareholders.

Obliviously when a couple shares such as children, businesses, property and wealth, the more difficult and complicated a divorce may be. Choosing a family law attorney in Louisiana to seek guidance and advice on how to best navigate the proceedings makes good sense. There are a number of different options to consider, including alternative dispute resolution choices such as mediation, and having a savvy divorce lawyer can simplify the process.

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