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July 2017 Archives

Family law attorneys can help prevent complicated divorces

Divorce can be painful, messy and complicated. The more a couple shares, the more complex a separation may be. Choosing a family law attorney in Louisiana can help guide an individual through the divorce by advising the client on actions to make it as smooth a process as possible. Recent speculation has been made that the bitter divorce involving the couple that began the fact checking website Snopes may be impacting the financial stability of the company.

When the parents fight, the kids get sick

Sometimes, the only thing a couple can agree to is that the marriage should end. Arguments and disputes are commonplace in divorce, but when children are involved, taking the high road isn’t just about helping the kids in the short-term. Cordial co-parenting relationships are important during and after the divorce too.

Personal injury attorneys can advise when to file civil lawsuit

Louisiana motor vehicle drivers are not only responsible for their own safety while operating a vehicle, but also for the safety of any passengers they may be driving. Legally they must also abide by speed limits and traffic laws to ensure the safety of other travelers they may encounter on roadways. When drivers fails to ensure safety for themselves and others while operating a vehicle, accidents, personal injury and/or death may occur. In accidents where fatalities occur, families of deceased victims have the legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court against drivers deemed negligent. Recently, a woman was arrested for vehicular homicide after a passenger in her car died following the crash of her car.

Criminal defense may change with new Louisiana laws

Louisiana has worn the unfortunate crown for the highest percentage of residents incarcerated for years. It is a title its lawmakers are likely not proud to own, and they have recently changed several laws that they hope will lower the state's prison population. Criminal defense attorneys and their defendants are hopeful that the new laws will reduce punishment and offer earlier parole for many prisoners.

Louisiana car accidents: Road worker struck and killed

Under any circumstances, distracted driving is a dangerous habit. One of Louisiana's recent fatal car accidents may have been the result of a distracted driver. Sadly, a two-vehicle crash resulted in the death of an employee of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.