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Louisana car accidents: Tree collision results in fatality

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2017 | Firm News

Louisiana drivers are surely aware that they may be held legally liable for any reckless driving that may injure another person. It may be forgotten that negligent drivers may also be financially responsible in car accidents when injuries occur to the passengers in their own vehicle due. Recently, a single car accident occurred in Lafayette, resulting in three injured persons and one death.

The accident happened at just about 2:30 a.m. after the driver drove off Interstate 10. At this time, the investigation has not revealed the reason the 30-year-old driver appears to have lost control of thee vehicle. The car veered off the road, struck a tree and rolled over. The impact of the collision ejected the driver and his three passengers from the vehicle. Apparently, all the occupants were not wearing seat belts.

They were all injured, and one of the passengers did not survive his injuries. Toxicology reports are pending, and authorities suspect the driver may have been driving under the influence. The driver has been arrested and formally charged with vehicular homicide and other charges. Reportedly, he was accused of driving without a license.

As in this case, Louisiana drivers can be criminally charged for reckless driving. Separately, any injured parties or families of deceased loved ones have the right to file a lawsuit against a driver in civil court. This right also extends to passengers in the vehicle of the driver believed responsible for the crash. Car accidents can result in expensive medical therapy costs, and funeral expenses for families of deceased victims. Personal injury attorneys can advise victims or a family of a deceased victim of their rights and options to seek financial relief in civil court.

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