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Been in a car accident? The next moments are vital

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Firm News

In our first post on this blog, we talked about hit and run accidents, and how victims can take a few steps to protect themselves in the wake of the wreck. We want to continue that conversation today by extending the concept to all car accidents. How should the people involved in the crash proceed in the moments after the crash? What steps should be taken to adequately and appropriately address their legal concerns after such a wreck?

One of the first things every person should do after a crash is remain at the crash scene. Hit and run accidents, like we talked about last week, create criminal problems for those that flee. So when you get into an accident, keep calm and remain at the scene. Fleeing only makes things more complicated and difficult.

Once you have remained at the scene, your next priority is taking care of anyone who has been injured in the crash. Help them in any way you can, and if serious injuries have been involved, call the police. If they are well enough, you should exchange information with other drivers in the crash.

Then, if you are well enough to do so, you can take pictures of the car accident scene with your phone and talk to any witnesses that saw the crash and are willing to go on the record with what they saw. Performing these simple steps can go a long way in helping you address a car accident.

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