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June 2017 Archives

Louisana car accidents: Tree collision results in fatality

Louisiana drivers are surely aware that they may be held legally liable for any reckless driving that may injure another person. It may be forgotten that negligent drivers may also be financially responsible in car accidents when injuries occur to the passengers in their own vehicle due. Recently, a single car accident occurred in Lafayette, resulting in three injured persons and one death.

Could A Simple Change To Trucks Save Hundreds Of Lives?

Fifty years ago, the death of a celebrity on a Louisiana highway called attention to the dangers of truck underride crashes - crashes in which a car goes under the rear or side of a semitruck, frequently resulting in fatal injuries for the driver and passengers of the car. Unfortunately, little has been done in the following decades to solve the problem.

Been in a car accident? The next moments are vital

In our first post on this blog, we talked about hit and run accidents, and how victims can take a few steps to protect themselves in the wake of the wreck. We want to continue that conversation today by extending the concept to all car accidents. How should the people involved in the crash proceed in the moments after the crash? What steps should be taken to adequately and appropriately address their legal concerns after such a wreck?