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Slowing down can prevent car accidents

People in Louisiana go about their lives in an ever-increasing hurry to get things done. They hurry to get from place to place and to generally keep up with the fast pace of day-to-day living. Being in such a hurry when a person is behind the wheel of a car can lead to fatal car accidents.

A 71-year-old man was driving his car around lunch time on a recent afternoon. As his car entered an intersection, another vehicle also entered the intersection and collided with the older man's car. The resulting impact pushed the man's car through the intersection and into a car containing several passengers.

How to share the road safely with cyclists

As the driver of a vehicle, you have the responsibility to be cautious of other people using the road, whether they are cyclists, pedestrians or fellow drivers. Cyclists and pedestrians are much more vulnerable to injuries because of the lack of physical protection they have in the event of an impact.

All drivers should know their responsibilities for reducing the likelihood of becoming involved in a collision with a cyclist. By having this knowledge, they reduce the potential for injury at the same time as preventing financial damages. The following are some simple tips that you can implement the next time you are behind the wheel.

Criminal defense can aid troubled teens

The teenage years can be exciting and full of new experiences and discoveries in Louisiana.Young people want to explore exciting opportunities and sometimes these opportunities lead them down an unfavorable path. Three teenagers in New Orleans were recently arrested and charged with having committed multiple carjackings and other crimes. Nevertheless, these young boys are entitled to a criminal defense.

According to police reports, the three were responsible for carjacking four cars that were later used in the commission of other crimes. These allegedly included an assortment of burglaries and assaults. One of the boys accused is 14 years old and the other two are 16 years old.

Vaping may be causing personal injury

Vaping has been around for a while in Louisiana. It has been perceived as a method to help adults quit smoking. It has been taken up by a younger generation as being a safer alternative to smoking. The companies who make the nicotine juice used in the devices reportedly attracted younger users by offering flavors of the vape juice that would appeal to them, including cotton candy and fruit flavors. Recent reports of health problems have revealed that the devices may be causing personal injury to users.

There is a man in Shreveport who as recently as a week ago appeared to be a healthy man in his 40s working at a car dealership. He is currently fighting for his life in a hospital bed. A constant flow of oxygen is keeping him alive, and he is unable to tie a shoe or get out of bed to use the bathroom. When he was admitted, doctors suspected he was suffering from pneumonia.

Person accused of criminal activity has right to criminal defense

The drug crisis appears to be improving in many parts of the country, but it does remain a serious problem. While the number of drug-related deaths may be declining in some areas, Louisiana remains on high alert in its fight against illegal drugs. Anyone charged with crimes in relation to the drug crisis is entitled to a criminal defense.

A candidate for state office was caught up in the fight against drugs on a recent weekday evening. She and a companion arrived at a site that was under police surveillance. The location was suspected of harboring illegal drug activity. The people also had a young child in the back seat.

Family law professionals can help with child support issues

Reaching a divorce settlement in Louisiana when young children are involved can be a complicated undertaking. It can be facilitated with the assistance of a professional well-versed in family law. The settlement may include a child support order. While agreements may be readily reached in negotiations, failure to pay child support is an all too common occurrence and can result in the suspension of one's driver's license, among other penalties.

A new program in the state was created in an attempt to recover overdue payments. The program, called "On the Road Again" gives a person who has fallen behind in support payments a means to get his or her license reinstated. In order to get the suspension lifted, certain conditions regarding overdue support payments must be met.

What should you do with your family home in a Louisiana divorce?

Adults potentially considering a divorce will often focus their planning and strategy on specific wishes or assets. For many couples, the possession that spouses most hope to retain is the family home. That makes sense, as real estate in Louisiana is typically quite valuable.

Your home could represent a substantial portion of your overall income and assets earned during your marriage. Some people pay as much as 30% of their monthly income toward their mortgage.

Improper medical treatment can result in personal injury claims

Children can be rambunctious, active risk takers. It is in their nature and on occasion it will result in an accidental injury that requires medical attention. Such was the case of a 2-year-old in Louisiana. The child had been playing on a trampoline and fell and broke his arm. He was taken to the hospital and treated, but the outcome led to a personal injury case.

The child was treated by a doctor in a training rotation. The doctor set the boy's arm and applied a cast. After only a few hours, the child's arm began to swell significantly. The family brought the boy back to the hospital to be examined by the doctor who treated him but were sent home after being told there was nothing wrong. After two more visits, the cast was removed and the injury checked, by which time permanent damage had been caused.

Distracted driving can contribute to car accidents

Fatal traffic accidents are tragic. They are made even more so when the life of a child is lost as a result of an accident. Holiday weekends sadly increase the likelihood of such accidents occurring as families head out on the roads and add to already congested traffic conditions in Louisiana. All of this combines to increase the chances of being involved in car accidents.

The accident that took the life of a nine-year-old boy happened on a recent evening. A car was stopped waiting to make a left-hand turn. A pickup truck coming up from behind failed to slow in time and veered into on-coming traffic in an attempt to avoid rear-ending the stopped vehicle. The pickup hit an oncoming car head-on. The young boy was a passenger in the car.

Car accidents are a serious threat to motorcycle riders

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation, especially in the summer. They are economical to drive and can be a lot of fun to motor around on. Groups can be often be seen riding together on the highways of Louisiana. When involved in car accidents, riders of motorcycles are significantly more likely to suffer serious injury or death as a result.

A group of friends were riding their motorcycles near Frogmore Plantation early one morning. A woman driving a car in the opposite direction crossed the yellow line as she neared the motorcycles. When the car crossed the line, it crashed into two eastbound bikes. Two other people riding bikes behind them also crashed as a result of the collision.