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Criminal defense: 2 women arrested for fraud

Although financial crimes have likely been around as long as currency has existed, the number of incidents may seem more frequent. Some may argue that the availability and accessibility of information and technology may increase those types of crimes. Two women were arrested for two separate similar crimes and will likely be relying upon the advice of Louisiana criminal defense attorneys throughout their cases.

One of the women may face harsher punishment if she is convicted of her charges. The 44-year-old apparently has a previous criminal record involving automobile insurance fraud, and convictions of similar previous crimes will likely not be favored by the court system. Currently, she has been arrested for a new insurance fraud case. She has been accused of using a former boss's information to file fraudulent insurance claims in the amount of $1,829.

Car accidents: Unborn child killed with parents in collision

One Louisiana family has had to unexpectantly bury three loved ones. Sadly, they never had the chance to meet one of the family members because he or she had not been born. The couple and their unborn child were victims of one of the latest tragic and fatal car accidents in the area.

For unknown reasons, a man driving a pickup truck drove out of his lane into the opposite lane of traffic as he was traveling on a flyover bridge on a Louisiana highway. The driving error resulted in a head-on collision with a sedan containing the couple. The woman was seven months pregnant.

Family law: Domestic abuse arrest reveals scandlous divorce

When some marriages come to an end, spouses may find it comforting to know that attorneys in Louisiana must keep many details about the dissolution of a marriage to themselves. Some marriages are unfortunately filled with scandal and unsavory accusations. A woman's arrest in another state has revealed one couple's ugly separation and the beginning of their divorce process in the family law court system.

The 39-year-old wife was recently arrested for domestic violence against her husband. Allegedly, a fight over bank accounts, her husband withholding her cell phone and an accusation of him taking $110,000 led to her biting her husband. The fight, unfortunately, occurred in front of the couple's two children, who are both under the age of 12. A judge ordered the wife to refrain from contacting her husband and her children until further notice.

Wrongful death lawsuits can hold drunk drivers accountable

Losing a loved one is never easy. If the death was the result of an illness, you may have had time to prepare yourself, but that doesn't make grieving less painful. However, there is an extra layer of pain and shock involved when a family loses someone unexpectedly. Sudden medical events or a motor vehicle crash could end a life quickly, leaving family members and friends to grieve not only the loss of life, but the loss of a future with their loved one.

When a death is the result of a car crash caused by someone else, there is often a lot of anger directed toward that other driver. In cases of neglect, distraction or intoxication, you may push law enforcement to pursue criminal charges related to the crash. Whether or not there's a criminal conviction, your family may need to consider pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Car accidents: Fraternity faces wrongful death lawsuit

The national fraternity Kappa Sigma is not new to publicity about controversial hazing procedures forced on new pledges. As early as 2001, the fraternity has had chapters suspended or banned from different universities across the country. The fraternity's most recent chapter suspension has occurred at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, following one of the area's tragic car accidents involving a pledge.

During the university's homecoming week a year ago, pledges were allegedly deprived of their sleep. The pledge involved in the accident apparently did not sleep for 72 hours prior to the accident as part of the fraternity's hazing ritual. Pledges were tasked to do whatever was asked of them and would be punished if they were discovered asleep. As the pledge was driving home, he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into an unsuspecting victim. The pledge alerted his parents to the accident but was unaware that he had hit another person.

Criminal defense: Woman arrested after biting child

Tantrums, biting, hitting and pulling hair are all expected behaviors among any group of toddlers. While it is expected behavior for toddlers, it is not expected behavior among adults. Some toddler-like behavior presented by adults can result in assault charges and other criminal accusations. One Louisiana woman has recently needed the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer following a biting incident involving a minor child.

The 28-year-old woman was employed by a day care center when the incident occurred. When the 2-year-old child's mother retrieved her son at the end of the day, she questioned the presence of a mark on her son's cheek. The day care administration admitted that the day care worker had claimed that the mark was made accidentally when the child bumped into her. Despite the claim that it was accidental, the woman was reportedly fired.

Family law: Laurence Fishburne and his wife file for divorce

Hollywood marriages often seem to be like fairy tales. In reality, they are not fairy tales, and celebrity couples often suffer marital problems just like any other couple in Louisiana. Laurence Fishburne and his wife are one of the most recent celebrity couples that have filed for divorce. He and his wife have probably consulted their own family law attorneys to navigate them through their painful process.

Laurence is 56 years old, and he is known for various acting roles such as his role in The Matrix. Laurence's 48-year-old wife is an actress as well, and she has starred in Suits. During their 15-year marriage, the couple had a daughter who is now 10 years old. The couple has not publicized any specific reason for their split other than irreconcilable differences.

Personal injury: Victims share resulting impact of man's crimes

Many Louisiana residents look forward to the excitement and crowds that Mardi Gras draws to New Orleans every year. Usually, it is a good time enjoyed by many from all over the country, but for some, the most recent festival was a nightmare. As many as 32 people suffered unexpected personal injury after a man drove into a crowd of attendees.

A 25-year-old man recently pleaded guilty to multiple felony and misdemeanor charges related to the Mardis Gras accident. The man has had multiple hearings to process the different charges At the most recent hearing, he admitted guilt to 11 different felony charges. Reportedly, he could spend as much as 55 years in jail for the felonies charges alone. His sentence hearing has been scheduled to occur in early 2018.

Car accidents: Man jailed after fatal collision

It has been said that traveling in an airplane can be safer than traveling by a motor vehicle. Truth be told, most people travel more often by a vehicle than a plane, increasing the risk of a car accident. When serious car accidents occur, life-altering injuries and/or death are possibilities. One Louisiana man was recently sentenced to jail following his involvement in a tragic collision.

The 29-year-old was driving southbound on a local street just prior to the collision. At some point he crossed over into the oncoming traffic in the northbound lanes, resulting in a head-on collision with another vehicle. After his car spun and collided with two empty parked vehicles, his vehicle came to a stop.

In a divorce, organization makes a difference

In general, divorce is hard. It takes a toll emotionally, financially and sometimes even physically. Through the constant ups and downs of ending a marriage, it is easy to lose focus and let your emotions make decisions for you. Unfortunately, when this happens, you risk coming out the other side in a less than optimal position. For example, you might be so focused on not letting your husband get your home in Lafayette that you give up other assets that could have kept you financially secure.

By staying organized, you can separate your emotions from the decision-making process so that you walk away with the divorce settlement that you deserve. For some tips to help you prepare for your divorce, read below.