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Car accidents involving impaired drivers ruin innocent lives

Louisiana parents may be familiar with the particular sort of worry that strikes when a teen reaches driving age. Parents must hope that the education and practice they have provided a young driver will help keep a teen safe on the road. Unfortunately, when it comes to car accidents, sometimes a teen driver becomes the victim, not the cause. 

Recently a Louisiana teen and his friends were traveling on Highway 70 when tragedy struck. They were hit head-on by an SUV that had crossed into oncoming traffic. All three teens were wearing a seat belt.

Dealing with heroin charges in Louisiana

You do not have to be caught using illegal drugs in the state of Louisiana to be charged with a crime. If you are found to have any illegal drug in your possession, you could face serious consequences. Heroin, in particular, incurs severe penalties.

If law enforcement officers have found you to be carrying heroin, it is likely that you will be worried and unsure of what action to take next. Do not delay the process of understanding the law and taking the appropriate action to defend yourself against charges.

Presenting criminal defense is difficult for many addicts

Louisiana residents are likely aware that the nation is facing a drug epidemic of historic magnitude. The cases of addiction and death from drug overdoses continue to rise. Law enforcement is trying to combat the crisis by making more arrests to get drug dealers out of the community. More arrests leads to a growing need for criminal defense

While these are certainly noble efforts, some people struggling with substance abuse are so affected that they may not even be in touch with reality, but they are prosecuted like any other drug user. Severe addiction can cause a person to do things he or she may normally never consider doing. Recently, a man was so far into his addiction that he called for help after he thought he had been stabbed in the head. 

Car accidents involving teens raise concern

Louisiana parents are likely a bundle of nerves as their teens become old enough to obtain a drivers licence. They hope that teens are able to recall what they have learned about safe driving and seat belt use as teens venture out on their own. Statistically, teen drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in car accidents, reflected by the fact that auto insurance companies often charge a higher premium for policies that cover teen drivers. 

Recently, a Louisiana teen was driving and lost control. Unfortunately he was not wearing a seat belt at the time the crash occurred. The truck rolled off the roadway and crashed into a nearby house. He was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. 

Cyclist in Louisiana at high risk for personal injury

Louisiana often tops the list when it comes to fun things like travel, sports and entertainment. Unfortunately, the state has placed high on another list, and residents may now be alarmed. Now ranked second in the nation for bicycle accident fatalities, riders should be made aware of the high risk for personal injury.

There is not a single reason why riding a bicycle in Louisiana is so dangerous. The ranking comes as a result of several contributing factors. Most notably, distracted driving remains a major concern. 

Viral video star to present criminal defense

In recent years, most Louisiana residents have probably become familiar with the term "viral video." The term refers to an amateur video that quickly makes its way across social media platforms. Often featuring humorous or interesting clips of everyday life, viral videos have become a common way for people to share things with friends all over the world. Unfortunately, being featured in a viral video can now lead to a need to present a criminal defense.

A Louisiana man found himself facing charges after a video on the popular social media platform Facebook featured him damaging a statue in his town. The events leading up to the incident are not shown in the video. The man allegedly knocked over a decorative statue of a pelican on display in front of a local business. 

What you do after a car accident is critical to your recovery

If you are part of a car accident, it's your goal to ensure that it doesn't have too big of an impact on the rest of your life. While this is easier said than done, there are some steps you can take to put yourself in a better position.

It's the steps you take after a car accident that are critical to your recovery. This holds true with your health, personal life and finances.

Car accidents on campus a rising concern

A new semester has begun on Louisiana campuses. Drivers should be on the lookout for people on foot, especially in areas hosting a collegiate sporting event where pedestrian traffic is heavy. As throngs of fans and tailgaters await kickoff on gameday, there is an increased risk for pedestrian related car accidents

Over the weekend, five students from Louisiana State University were injured when they were struck by a car. Several of the victims suffered serious injury and required hospitalization. The university sent a notice to parents, who have every reason to be concerned, as this was the second pedestrian accident with injury in one week on the campus. 

Workplace held responsible for fatal personal injury

Many Louisiana workers may feel that they have a dangerous job. Accidents occur on job sites each day, and while some are not serious -- just a known risk of a trade -- others can be life-threatening and even result in death. Sometimes, a death or personal injury in the workplace could have been prevented, and in certain circumstances a company may be found legally responsible. 

When a Louisiana worker was killed working on an oil rig, his widow and children were stunned. The devastated family learned that the man had fallen to his death after falling in a hole on an oil platform that was being torn down. Though the company was aware the large holes were dangerous, it did nothing to mark this particular hole to prevent personal injury or death. 

Man seeks justice after personal injury at pizzeria

Louisiana may be well-known for Cajun cuisine, but like the rest of the nation, sometimes nothing beats a great slice of pizza for dinner. Going out to eat can be a nice treat after a long or busy day. Most people expect that their trip to a local restaurant will be a relaxing way to spend the evening, but sometimes, personal injury can ruin the experience. 

One Louisiana man was visiting a pizzeria when he suffered a fall. The man was injured as he slipped down an unmarked step. He maintains that he was not aware there was a step, because it had no markings to warn customers of the drop.