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Car accidents claim lives off road

When Louisiana drivers hear about a death that was caused by a crash, many may imagine busy streets, multiple vehicles and high speeds. While, certainly, crashes like that do occur, their are deaths that occur from car accidents under arguably more tragic circumstances. The unexpected death of a child can throw an entire family into a state of shock and grief, especially when one of the family members caused the death. 

Recently, one Louisiana family was changed forever when a family member struck a child, age 14 months. The vehicle was driving on private land at the time. While the events leading up to the accident are still a mystery, it is clear that the child suffered injuries so severe she died soon after arriving at a local hospital. 

Car accidents cause 26 deaths this year

Louisiana residents may find themselves alarmed when they are informed of the year-to-date fatal crash statistics for the state. So far, car accidents have claimed 26 lives in 2018. Despite the efforts of drivers and pedestrians to travel safely, fatal car accidents seem to be on the rise. 

Most recently, a man's life was lost when he was riding his bicycle along LA 548. His bicycle was struck from behind by an SUV being driven by a 64-year-old woman. The man was thrown from his bike into a roadside ditch. Police and emergency response personnel rushed to the scene, but there was no aid that could be rendered to the victim. 

Congressional candidate faces sudden need for criminal defense

Louisiana voters probably feel as if candidates seeking election are a special group of people with an outstanding personal record. The truth is, most candidates are just regular people and face many of the same troubles as persons in other career fields. Recently, a man running for the U.S. Congress was shocked to find out that he had been accused of a serious crime, for which there was an outstanding warrant. He quickly realized he would need to make arrangements to present a criminal defense, before the accusations potentially affected the results of the upcoming election. 

The man was interested in running for political office, and filed all his paperwork to do so. Likely excited to begin his campaign, he probably never thought he would be hauled out of the  Louisiana secretary of state's office in handcuffs. After taking care of the paperwork necessary to run for public office, police arrived and informed him that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. 

Children on bikes potential victims of car accidents

Summer is winding down in Los Angeles, and children across the state are using their last few weeks of summer vacation to enjoy being outdoors. Though parents certainly caution their children against potential dangers like car accidents, unfortunately, tragedy can still strike. Children may not be as alert as adults, especially when they are engaged in another activity, such as riding a bicycle. 

Recently, a Los Angeles boy was riding his bike in a residential area. Witnesses state he was struck by a car. When help arrived, the child was found to have life-threatening injuries, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Though most parents know that wearing a helmet and having lights or reflectors on the bicycle can help make drivers aware of the child, not all children have access to these safety precautions. This boy was reported to be without a helmet. 

Modifying child custody in Louisiana

Every state has slightly different child custody laws that govern families. If you are a parent in the state of Louisiana and want to make changes to an existing child custody order, it is important that you learn more about how the laws work in the state.

Louisiana, like many other states, has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCA). This act is in place to guide states' laws and best practices and is particularly helpful when there is a child custody dispute that takes place across state lines.

Distracted driving car accidents on the rise

LA residents can probably count themselves among the millions of Americans who use their phones and tablets more and more each day. The list of tasks that can be accomplished with a simple swipe is growing by the day, and social media has become a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family. Though it can be difficult to resist the urge to check messages, post an update or answer a call while driving, doing so has become a major cause of serious car accidents

Distracted driving is recently suspected as a contributing factor in a terrible LA collision. The driver of an SUV crashed directly into an 18-wheeler that was travelling in the opposite direction. Due to severe injuries, persons involved had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. 

Bicyclists at high risk for injuries from car accidents

Louisiana residents are likely among the millions of Americans that enjoy bicycling, especially during the summer months. Drivers know it is important to watch for cyclists who are often integrated into vehicle traffic. When there are no bike lanes, cyclists must take extra caution to avoid injury or death from car accidents. Knowing hand signals to indicate intended maneuvers, wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing, and wearing a helmet are some of the ways cyclists can stay safe. 

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of drivers and cyclists, car accidents sometimes claim the lives of cyclists, or leave them severely injured. Even if a cyclist is equipped with proper safety gear, he or she is no match in a collision with a larger faster vehicle. When a car crashes into a bicycle, the cyclist usually winds up getting the worst injuries. 

Operation Summer Heat may lead to need for criminal defense

As the summer heat takes old in Louisiana, most residents are probably looking forward to taking some time off to relax and cool off. One Louisiana police department decided to do exactly the opposite, launching a massive investigation over the span of several months in an effort to net a group of people they suspected of illegal activity involving drugs. Whenever major drug crimes make headlines, it can be difficult for people to remember that despite the initial facts that the media has reported, on some occasions those accused of drug crimes are not guilty, and all those accused have a right to present a solid criminal defense. 

Dubbed "Operation Summer Heat" by police, the four-month investigation resulted in 13 arrests, and nine more people who have been accused but not yet apprehended by law enforcement. The charges vary from misdemeanor possession all the way up to multiple felony counts for manufacturing and distribution. Police did not indicate whether any of the accused were allegedly working together or if the arrests were made for separate incidents. 

Car accidents: Despite helmet use biker killed on I-10

Summer has returned to the Bayou State, and Louisiana residents are out and about. With tourist season in full swing, drivers have likely noticed that the roads are more crowded than ever. From large trucks to small vehicles like motorcycles, drivers must use extra caution when traffic is heavy. Sadly, despite the best efforts of drivers, car accidents still occur every day. Car accidents can prove particularly devastating to motorcyclists, even if they are equipped with proper safety gear.

Recently, a man was driving on I-10 eastbound on his motorcycle, and was wearing a helmet for safety. A few vehicles back, a man in an SUV was traveling too fast and crashed into the back of a pickup truck. Though the driver of the pickup was reportedly not at fault for the collision, his vehicle hit the motorcycle as the result of a chain reaction. The motorcycle driver was thrown off of his bike, and despite the proper use of a helmet, suffered fatal injuries. Louisiana police say the motorcycle driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Louisiana still prosecutes people for marijuana possession

Marijuana is a hot topic in the media these days. More television shows and movies show people using or even growing the plant. Canada just became the first member of the G7 to legalize marijuana for recreational adult use. Many states here in the U.S. have legalized either adult recreational or medical use of marijuana.

However, it's important for people who use marijuana recreationally or medically to understand that the laws can't change as fast as public opinion shifts on this topic. Louisiana may have a medical marijuana law, but it has not taken effect yet. People can still get arrested and prosecuted for simple possession, even if they have a qualifying medical condition.