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Distracted driving car accidents on the rise

LA residents can probably count themselves among the millions of Americans who use their phones and tablets more and more each day. The list of tasks that can be accomplished with a simple swipe is growing by the day, and social media has become a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family. Though it can be difficult to resist the urge to check messages, post an update or answer a call while driving, doing so has become a major cause of serious car accidents

Distracted driving is recently suspected as a contributing factor in a terrible LA collision. The driver of an SUV crashed directly into an 18-wheeler that was travelling in the opposite direction. Due to severe injuries, persons involved had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. 

Bicyclists at high risk for injuries from car accidents

Louisiana residents are likely among the millions of Americans that enjoy bicycling, especially during the summer months. Drivers know it is important to watch for cyclists who are often integrated into vehicle traffic. When there are no bike lanes, cyclists must take extra caution to avoid injury or death from car accidents. Knowing hand signals to indicate intended maneuvers, wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing, and wearing a helmet are some of the ways cyclists can stay safe. 

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of drivers and cyclists, car accidents sometimes claim the lives of cyclists, or leave them severely injured. Even if a cyclist is equipped with proper safety gear, he or she is no match in a collision with a larger faster vehicle. When a car crashes into a bicycle, the cyclist usually winds up getting the worst injuries. 

Operation Summer Heat may lead to need for criminal defense

As the summer heat takes old in Louisiana, most residents are probably looking forward to taking some time off to relax and cool off. One Louisiana police department decided to do exactly the opposite, launching a massive investigation over the span of several months in an effort to net a group of people they suspected of illegal activity involving drugs. Whenever major drug crimes make headlines, it can be difficult for people to remember that despite the initial facts that the media has reported, on some occasions those accused of drug crimes are not guilty, and all those accused have a right to present a solid criminal defense. 

Dubbed "Operation Summer Heat" by police, the four-month investigation resulted in 13 arrests, and nine more people who have been accused but not yet apprehended by law enforcement. The charges vary from misdemeanor possession all the way up to multiple felony counts for manufacturing and distribution. Police did not indicate whether any of the accused were allegedly working together or if the arrests were made for separate incidents. 

Car accidents: Despite helmet use biker killed on I-10

Summer has returned to the Bayou State, and Louisiana residents are out and about. With tourist season in full swing, drivers have likely noticed that the roads are more crowded than ever. From large trucks to small vehicles like motorcycles, drivers must use extra caution when traffic is heavy. Sadly, despite the best efforts of drivers, car accidents still occur every day. Car accidents can prove particularly devastating to motorcyclists, even if they are equipped with proper safety gear.

Recently, a man was driving on I-10 eastbound on his motorcycle, and was wearing a helmet for safety. A few vehicles back, a man in an SUV was traveling too fast and crashed into the back of a pickup truck. Though the driver of the pickup was reportedly not at fault for the collision, his vehicle hit the motorcycle as the result of a chain reaction. The motorcycle driver was thrown off of his bike, and despite the proper use of a helmet, suffered fatal injuries. Louisiana police say the motorcycle driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Louisiana still prosecutes people for marijuana possession

Marijuana is a hot topic in the media these days. More television shows and movies show people using or even growing the plant. Canada just became the first member of the G7 to legalize marijuana for recreational adult use. Many states here in the U.S. have legalized either adult recreational or medical use of marijuana.

However, it's important for people who use marijuana recreationally or medically to understand that the laws can't change as fast as public opinion shifts on this topic. Louisiana may have a medical marijuana law, but it has not taken effect yet. People can still get arrested and prosecuted for simple possession, even if they have a qualifying medical condition.

Car accidents caused by intentional speeding often turn deadly

Summer has settled in, and in the Bayou State, residents and tourists alike have taken to the roads in search of adventure and a way to beat the heat. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that the summer months have Louisiana highways busier than ever. While it is certainly fun to get out and explore the state, drivers should be aware that extra traffic means an increased risk of car accidents, and that the legendary laid-back Louisiana attitude does not apply to driving safety. 

When people are on the highways, especially in search of fun, it is important to remember that even though driving itself can be an enjoyable part of any trip, drivers must remain aware of traffic laws and posted speed limits as they make their way to their destinations. When people break the speed limit on purpose, it can be asking for disaster. Recently, a man lost his life when another driver chose to disregard the speed limit and indulge his thirst for an adrenaline rush. 

Teen drivers at elevated risk for fatal car accidents

Louisiana drivers can likely recall their teen years, and how excited they were to get their driver's license. After months of preparation, and passing the all-important road test, new drivers likely feel a sense of pride and excitement as they finally are allowed to take the wheel and make their way independently toward adulthood. Unfortunately, no amount of preparation can take the place of experience, and teen drivers are at a high risk of being involved in serious car accidents

In June 2018, a 17-year-old driver, who police have not identified by name, was traveling on Highway 6 when he somehow lost control and his vehicle careened off the road. Tragically, before the vehicle came to rest, it struck a local pastor who was jogging on the shoulder of the road. The victim, who was married with two sons, was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Woman accused of ditching drugs prepares for criminal defense

Louisiana residents would likely agree that where illegal drugs are concerned, it is usually a good idea to refrain from personal involvement, as law enforcement across the nation is cracking down on drug crimes. A nationwide epidemic of addiction and overdoses has caused a heightened sense of alarm. Some of the actions on the part of law enforcement, meant to combat the growing threat, may be a bit overzealous. As one local woman recently learned, even throwing drugs away can lead to a need for a criminal defense attorney. 

In May 2018, a Louisiana woman was accused of possessing illegal drugs with the intent to distribute them at a local correctional facility. Allegedly, police received a tip from an unknown source, accusing the woman of planning to bring illegal drugs into the facility. Law enforcement officials claim that the woman placed a bag containing several illegal drugs in a trash can. 

18-wheeler causes multiple fatal car accidents

Louisiana residents are in shock as headlines and news briefs continue to update with details surrounding the deaths of four motorists this past weekend. In what looks like a scene from an action movie, horrified residents gaze upon a heap of vehicles, many set ablaze, by a string of car accidents. Witnesses and emergency responders say it was nearly impossible to even determine what had initially happened because of the extensive damage the wreck caused. 

As the rescue and cleanup efforts continued, an investigation began in earnest. Louisiana State police have reported that about nine vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction accident. So far, four deaths and several injuries have been reported. The highway was closed for nearly ten hours after the accident. 

Causes of truck accidents and safety tips to follow

The more time you spend on the roads of Louisiana the more you'll realize that there are commercial trucks everywhere.

Knowing how to safely share the road with these vehicles is an absolute must, as you don't want to do anything that could result in an accident.