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Car accidents: Louisiana wife and mother killed in collision

There is never a convenient time for things to go wrong in life. Car accidents are often a major inconvenience for anyone involved, and vehicle owners lose valuable time handling insurance claims, property repair, loss of transportation and medical treatment. Unfortunately, some collisions result in more than just an inconvenience for some families. Unexpected grief and unplanned funerals may consume the lives of some families. One Louisiana family is raising support for the unexpected death of their mother and wife following a tragic accident.

A 61-year-old truck driver was driving on Louisiana highway when he decided to stop and back the truck into a side street. Apparently the truck was empty at the time of the collision, but normally hauled logs. As he was backing up, he apparently crossed over the center line of the highway into the other lane of traffic.  

Criminal defense: 10 students arrested and charged for hazing

The occurrence and practice of hazing on college campuses has been a topic of discussion for many years. Despite education and warnings to avoid hazing for the safety of all students, it still occurs. Recently, 10 young men were arrested and charged after a fellow student died of alcohol poisoning following an alleged hazing event at a Louisiana State University fraternity. They are likely being advised by criminal defense lawyers as they assess their charges, and the potential consequences that could follow.

Reportedly, the deceased 18-year-old student was applying to be part of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at the LSU chapter. He and some other students were told to attend a "bible study" one night, during which several alleged hazing events occurred. Other students that were part of the event report that the pledges, including the deceased victim, were required to answer various questions about the fraternity. Allegedly, if pledges incorrectly answered questions, they were required to consume alcohol.

Family law lawyers assisting couple decide fate of luxury condo

The connection, love and commitment that a couple feels early in a relationship is often forgotten and disregarded when a marriage falls apart. Most Louisiana couples cannot simply walk away from their spouse due to assets, property and income that intertwined over the years. One wealthy couple in another state are using lawyers with experience in family law as they navigate a bitter and complicated divorce.

The couple acquired not only a billion dollar fortune over the years but have also added to their marriage fine art and a luxurious apartment. The husband of the couple is 80 years old, and his soon-to-be ex-wife is 79 years old. Reportedly, her husband already is living with a new French mistress.

Car accidents: Car crashes into school bus, injurying students

Louisiana school buses are designed with their bright colors, lights and stop signs to stand out on the road and to warn other drivers to be careful. With children on board and moving near and around a stopped bus, it can be a dangerous situation if motorists do not pay attention. Car accidents involving students are upsetting for all involved due to the amount of harm that can occur. Recently, a motorist crashed into a school bus, injuring its occupants and six of the students on the bus.

The bus was making its rounds prior to school and had loaded over 30 students when the accident occurred. It is unknown why the car crashed into the bus, and fault has not yet been determined. Somehow, the crash resulted in the car becoming wedged under the bus.

4 safety tips for new drivers

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be both exhilarating and frightening. It is likely that you are more frightened than exhilarated at the prospect of your teenager driving off on his own. You are intimitely familiar with the dangers that exist on the roads of Lafayette.

While you cannot control what other drivers do, one thing you can do is teach your teenager good driving habits. The following driving tips can help a new driver stay safe on the road and reduce his chances of becoming involved in a car accident.

Criminal defense: drug trafficking case in Baton Rouge

Being convicted of drug charges in Louisiana can result in serious consequences. Someone may be required to pay fines or be sentenced to significant time in jail. If facing charges, it would be wise to develop a strong criminal defense. Four Louisiana men were recently convicted for drug offenses after an operation by various law enforcement agencies.

The country's Drug Enforcement Agency and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division worked with several state organizations. The Louisiana State Police, some county sheriffs' offices and the Baton Rouge Police Department participated in the investigation. Their efforts revolved around the monetary transactions associated with alleged drug trafficking.

Criminal defense: Man and woman charged with theft and kidnapping

Our country's criminal justice system was designed to offer defendants as fair of a process as possible. Anyone who is criminally charged is guaranteed the right to legal counsel. Most defendants do choose to have an attorney to advise them on how to approach their legal situation. One Louisiana couple is likely listening to criminal defense attorneys after being arrested and charged with theft and kidnapping.

Authorities believe that the 34-year-old man and the 30-year-old female stole a vehicle, which then stopped working. Police say that after leaving the car where it broke down, the couple spotted a running vehicle parked at a convenience store. Maybe they assumed the vehicle was empty, and that it was their lucky day. They are accused of stealing the vehicle and driving it away from the convenience store with an 18-month-old child in the back seat.

Lousiana car accidents: Police chase ends in tragic death

Police chases make for an exciting scene in a movie or on news footage. When one occurs in real life, serious and tragic car accidents can occur. Recently, an unsuspecting young man was killed by a seemingly reckless driver who was being pursued by police in Louisiana.

Reportedly, a narcotics division of the police department met the accused driver during an investigation. The interaction quickly escalated and allegedly became violent. Police report that the 30-year-old man attacked two of them and even attempted to run one of them over with his vehicle. He fled the scene in his vehicle, and police followed after him.

Family law: Husband arrested after failed kidnap of wife

Marriages begin with a promise and a hope of being forever in love. Unfortunately, not all marriages last as expected, and some end more amicably than others. One Louisiana couple's separation and divorce almost reads like a Hollywood story involving hit men, kidnapping, guns and spying on each other. Family law attorneys can aid couples as they proceed through the end of a marriage and attempt to prevent similar drama.

The couple began having marital problems and both have been accused of attempting to harm each other throughout the process. Before the divorce was filed, the wife was arrested for domestic abuse after she allegedly locked herself in their house and destroyed it. She also was accused of making death threats, threatening to hire someone to kill her husband and intending to physically abuse her husband numerous different ways.

Understanding Louisiana community property laws during divorce

Going through a divorce is a frustrating and often unpredictable process. You don't know what your spouse will ask for or what the courts will decide. You may feel like you have no control over your own finances and future. You may worry about the impact on your children or even on your retirement. The good news is that the outcome is at least somewhat predictable if you understand Louisiana laws about divorces.

While there's a reason for the saying that the person who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client, that doesn't mean that understanding state law is outside of an average citizen's abilities. In fact, understanding what to expect from the state can help you make a more informed choice about the attorney you decide to work with during your divorce.