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Been in a car accident? The next moments are vital

In our first post on this blog, we talked about hit and run accidents, and how victims can take a few steps to protect themselves in the wake of the wreck. We want to continue that conversation today by extending the concept to all car accidents. How should the people involved in the crash proceed in the moments after the crash? What steps should be taken to adequately and appropriately address their legal concerns after such a wreck?

One of the first things every person should do after a crash is remain at the crash scene. Hit and run accidents, like we talked about last week, create criminal problems for those that flee. So when you get into an accident, keep calm and remain at the scene. Fleeing only makes things more complicated and difficult.

Pay attention and protect your rights in a hit-and-run accident

Hit-and-run accidents happen in movies all the time, usually sandwiched between the high speed chase and the big explosion. In real life, hit-and-run accidents are not exciting; they are an inconvenience and can result in serious injuries. As the name suggests, in a hit-and-run, a motorist hits you and leaves the scene of the accident. Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal, and with your help, the police can track the person down and hold him or her accountable.

Remember: call 911 as soon as you can after you’ve been the victim of a hit-and-run. A police officer will arrive and gather information from you to compile a police report and start an investigation. The more accurate and robust your statements, the greater the chance the other motorist can be found.